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kelly taylor
Blondie Eats Two Boners (in SD)
Ain't nothing steamier than some tag-team hot tub action! One boy just isn't enough to satisfy this blonde hussy. She prefers playing with two dicks at the same time. One for the money. Two for the show. She's got a swollen pussy, now go, go, go. Watch her get poked at both ends of the spectrum, first while on her knees and then as she lays on her back. She loves the taste of sweet man nectar and gets drenched in it. More»
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lauren phoenix
She's a BackDoor Girl (in SD)
If you can dish it, Lauren can take it. Spank her tits. Spank her bum. She's been a very bad girl. Make her taste her own pussy juice. She likes it. Same goes for a finger in her ass. Now hold her hands behind her head and fuck that throat. Make her hold it deep for at least a count of 1, 2, 3. Get her to lick your asshole too. She's a dirty girl. Now fuck her anally and make her cum for daddy. She loves a hard cock in her asshole. More»
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nadia hilton
Blonde Barbie Bouncing (in SD)
This buxom blonde was just sitting there playing with her pink bits when opportunity came knocking in the form of a tongue licking her pierced clit. That got her thinking about how much she loves using her own tongue. Man, when she sucks cock it sounds just like a squeegee toy. With her legs held up like the handle bars of a Harley, our boy drove right into her pussy. Then she got on top and bounced with it. More»
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jasmine byrne/taylor rain
The Raunchy Jail House Fuck (in SD)
When a horny prison guard can't keep it in his pants, sexual violence erupts in a jail cell. At first Jasmine tries to resist, but she's ultimately overpowered. Neighboring cell mate Taylor watches as her friend gets nailed by this bad cop. She can't help but get turned on by the action, and starts fingering her own asshole. The guard fucks Jasmine in every hole, while getting Taylor to suck his dick between her jail bars. More»
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delilah strong
An Amazing Fucking Handjob (in SD)
This POV handjob is to die for! She loves the way your cock feels and grows in her hands. She has a tight grip and can feel it throbbing beneath her fingers. It's hard for her not to steal a little taste with her tongue every now and again. She's proud to be a dirty little slut. You don't mind if she spits on your dick, do you? How about a nice nut massage to help you cum? She wants it right in her pretty mouth. Wanna see her swallow? More»
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