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brooke haven/holly wellin
1 Dick and 2 Smokin' Chicks (in SD)
What happens when these two blonde babes with lesbian tendencies go bobbing for cock? Some guy gets really fucking lucky! Watch as one hottie ride his dick with her high heels on while the other licks the cunt juice off his pole. Then the licker gets her turn as she is fucked in the ass with lube provided by the spit of her alpha girlfriend. Suddenly, it's an ass juice and cum feeding frenzy! Everyone get a taste! More»
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roxy jezel
Putting the Hurt On (in SD)
In her own words, she likes big juicy cocks. So we found her not one, but two, to fully enjoy! This spastic girl loves taking control. Even while grinding the dude on the couch, she demands to be fed more cock in her mouth. Never a stranger to a finger in her ass, she prefers you put your dick in there to maximize the anal stretch. But it's two cocks, one in the pink and one in the stink, that really gets her off. More»
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2 Dicks for Twice the Fun (in SD)
One dick is nice. Two dicks is supreme! This blonde doll with the red corset hardly knows what hit her. Thrown over a table and double teamed by a couple of raging animals, she barely has time to calculate the physics of her endeavor. Little did she know that she could make a 9 inch cock disappear down her throat while a 10 incher is being stuffed up her anal cavity. You learn something new about yourself everyday! More»
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eve laurance
The Pacifier Isn't All She Sucks ( in HD)
She's been a good girl, but she's still getting spanked. Watch our little pigtailed princess trade her pacify for an erection so rigid you could strike a match with it. She's more than just orally fixated though. She wants her too-tight pussy to get fucked by the man she calls daddy. So she spreads her ass cheeks wide and grinds his tool like a grown up spinner before she's finally fed his own baby formula in her sippy cup. More»
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jessi summers
A Little Game Called Daddy (in SD)
What an adorable baby doll! She had her first sexual experience at a tender young age and now she's 18 and all growns up! She's not too old to play a little game of “Daddy” however. Watch her pigtails become mug handles as she's forcefully pulled in to swallow a swollen cock. This talented sweetheart constantly maintains eye contact and keeps her tennis shoes on for better traction as she rotates on his massive cock. More»
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