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gianna michaels/mysti may
Teaching Bad Girls Lessons (in SD)
These late bloomers woke up one day with gigantic boobies. Ever since then, they've been getting lots of attention from men. Sometimes they are so jealous and competitive about it, they try to out naughty one another. Today was one of those days. These bad girls desperately need some serious corrective punishment. And we've got just the guy to give it to them. He'll teach them how to share. More»
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Anita blue
The Wild Blue Yonder (in SD)
She should change her name from Anita Blue to “I-NEED-A Good Fucking” Blue. This pale blonde temptress was aching for a nice pumping. After lying in the sun trying to get a tan, she was preheated enough for a good lay. She smokes pole better than cheech and chong. Listen to her whimper like a sad puppy while her pussy get ground into hamburger meat. She's cute, but she looks ever better with a load on her tongue. More»
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Falafel Fever (in SD)
Estelle is a British babe who lost her virginity at a party when she was younger and dumber. She's 20 now, and ready to prove to you that she learned a few things over the years. We found her an Arabic dude to fuck because she's never really eaten falafel before. Not only did he stuff her pink pita pocket with his spicy kafta but he minced her pussy into tabouli and gave her some extra garlic sauce all over her infidel baby face. More»
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jeanie marie
Lollipop Lollipop (in SD)
She's a polite southern girl born in 1986 that does whatever she's told to do. It's all yes-sir-no-sir with this cute starlet. She loves sucking on hard candy, so we gave her the next best thing. What a wonderful spit receptacle her mouth turn out be! The proud owner of one of the tiniest pussies on the planet, she nearly broke it while bouncing off this monster cock. This baby is ready for her feeding now. More»
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melissa lauren
Those Aren't Ski Poles Honey (in SD)
If synchronized cock stroking were an Olympic sport, this bitch would win the gold medal. This ambidextrous athlete is a true magician around the meat poles. Watch as she assumes the skier squat position and milks these dicks for all they have. Only ski goggles could protect her eyes from this avalanche of cum! More»
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